Cochise Defensive Pistol Match
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Cochise Defensive Pistol Match Qualifier

Scheduled twice per year during the February and August Match
This drill will test the following skills:
    Drawing and indexing the gun
    Recognizing an acceptable sight picture
    Calling the shot
    Recovering from recoil and pressing and releasing the trigger smoothly
    Use of Cover   
    Strong and Support hand shooting   
Course of Fire

Place Four IDPA targets behind barriers at 15, 10, and 5 yards
Start in surrender position loaded with no more than 6 rounds.
Engage T-1 and T2 with 2 shots each freestyle from P1
Move to P2 and engage T-3 with 2 shots freestyle using barrier as cover
Emergency reload 
Engage T3 with 2 shots freestyle using other side of barrier as cover
Move to P3 and engage T4 with 2 shots strong hand from strong side of barrier
Transition to support hand and engage T3 with 2 shots support hand from support side of barrier
12 shots using "limited Vickers" scoring, 12 shots only no more than 4 on any one target.
Score targets and add penalties as follows:

  No penalties for -0 zone hits
  For each -1 zone hit, add 1. Second
  For each -3 zone hit, add 3 seconds
  For each miss, add 5 seconds
Classification results = Cumulative time plus penalties  
     Master:   12 seconds or less 
     A: 12.01 – 21
     B: 21.01 – 30
     C: 30.01 – 39
     D:          39.01 – 48
     Novice: 48.01 or more

Shooters will be reclassified every six months based on previous qualifier scores.  
Classification is only used for comparison purposes to determine skill level changes.  
We trust that shooters have the integrity to not "sandbag" to get a lower classification