Cochise Defensive Pistol Match
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Multi-Gun Match information

Due to popular requests from our regular shooters we will be having a multi-gun match some time in the future.  Since we are primarily a defensive pistol shooting match we will doing things a little differently.  During the match you will shoot your defensive pistol, a pistol caliber carbine and a backup gun.  There will be four stages two will be defensive pistol only, one defensive pistol transitioning to carbine and one backup gun stage.  Round counts will be around 12 for the pistol and about 15 for the two gun, six pistol nine carbine.    
Carbines will be pistol caliber, (IE 9 mm .40, 10 mm, .45, .38, .357, 44 special, 44 magnum, or .30 carbine) .  They may have optical sights or iron sights.  Barrel length typically will be under 20 inches.  However, since this is new to us we will be forgiving,  AR pistols in rifle calibers will not be allowed at this match.  There will be at least one "loaner" carbine available, so don't stay away because you don't have the hardware
Backup guns will be based on the IDPA descriptions.  Semi-auto barrel length of 3.6 inches or smaller and overall pistol must be no larger than 7 1/4 X 5 1/2. Revolvers must have a barrel length of 3 inches or smaller and overall size of 8 3/4 x 5 1/2.  Most compact guns and all sub compact should have no problems meeting the size restrictions.  The backup gun course of fire will be three four round strings without a draw.  So you won't need holsters or extra mags/speed loaders since there will not be any on the clock reloads.
If there are any questions please contact me.     
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